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Is it Time for Big Change? 
A Call Out To All You Transformation Seekers

I'm Looking For A Few More  'Dream Clients' 

"I've had the opportunity to Coach and learn from some Truly Amazing Clients over the last 23 years and I'm wondering if you'll be the next Life-Transforming Person to join me?" 

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I may be"   
~  Lao Tzu

My Personal Case Study [Video]

How about you... What's your Story?

"At Any Given Time, There Are Only 15 Incredible People In My Private 
'7-over-6'  Identity Surrender Program 
- If This Page Is Online Right Now, 
Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up..."

As a Transformational Life Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Trainer, Metabolic Typing Advisor, CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner and Gym Owner, I've had the Opportunity to Work with Hundreds of Clients over the Past 3 Decades...

Here's What I've Learned:

The Biggest Secrets Behind Achieving MORE Success, Results and Happiness 

… without THE Stress, Overwhelm, Doubt and Punishing Discipline! 

From: Patrick Cross
The Holistic Health Playground and Play-House
Cross-Trainers Health & Fitness Inc.   
There is a big difference between having a coach and a program...  
and having a program that actually works with a coach that can help you discover answers no one else on earth can provide you... including the coach themself. (would you agree?)
As a coach with decades of experience, I've had the rare opportunity to see behind the scenes into the lives of hundreds of clients, both personally and professionally. 

I've seen the countless different programs, courses, classes and workshops  they have been through and I've heard about the endless self-improvement books they have read.

This, along with my own personal and professional experiences and a great many mistakes has given me the chance to see what's working, and what's not working.   
Recently I downloaded my memory banks and looked at over 300 client files...  
Trying to find a pattern of what made some clients successful, some ultra-successful, while others dropped the ball and threw in the towel.   
As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick process but it was an extremely rewarding one.   
I was able to find a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading to some big "dead ends..."  There were always exceptions to the rule.
But then something cool happened...   

As I Kept Digging and Reviewing and Asking for Feedback from Clients, 

A Set of Patterns Emerged... 

And what became obvious, surprised me at first! It had almost NOTHING to do with:   
  •  How many books & articles they read, or videos they watched...
  • What kind of program they were on... 
  •  How experienced or educated their coach was... 
  •  Their level of confidence coming in...  
  •  Or even how motivated and dedicated they were!
But instead, it had everything to do with 2 over-riding Secrets to Success:

And the FIRST ONE isn't a very well-kept secret. That being hard work, commitment to a goal and consistently creating and following good habits.

The ones that followed this pattern were successful within the limitations of what they were able to imagine for themselves and the degree their vision continued to expand.

The only problem with that one is the percentage of the population that has the type of personality that embraces that kind of ambition is actually very small...

And for most of us, it requires a Dream that's Big enough or a Crisis that's Awful enough to provide the motivation necessary to follow through on what we know we need to do.

Anything less isn't normally enough to overcome what we're not willing to change in one area of our lives in order to create the change we want in another... STUCK! Argh!!

"Maybe I should hire a traditional trainer or life coach to give me direction and hold me accountable?

...You mean kinda like your parents or teachers did for you when you were a kid? and didn't we eventually resist and rebel against them?

That brings me to why I use a non-traditional approach; the Second and REAL Secret for Success I discovered in this process...

The one that changes everything and...
  •  Transforms motivation into inspiration... 
  • Changes avoiding what you don't want into embracing what you do... 
  • Transforms fear, shame and anxiety into Love and curiosity...
  • Changes a disciplined grind into an effortless flow...
  • Transforms sacrifice into abundance...
  • Changes a transactional process into a transformational movement...
  • Transforms insecurity into confidence...
  • Changes toxic relationships into joyful partnerships...
  • Transforms control and addiction into surrender and freedom... 
  • Changes wanting, needing and resisting into having, enjoying and receiving... 
  • Transforms predictable results into previously un-imagined experiences
  • ​Reveals Self-Sabotage's true colors as 'Self'-Protection... The protection of an identity which no longer serves you but once did... and how Surrendering that identity removes the sabotage

They Had Mastered The Art Of Identity Surrender And Transformed Their Lives... 

And Began Dramatically Influencing The Lives Of Family, Friends, Co-Workers And Their Own Clients, Customers and Patients In A Very Positive Way... 

Many people get nervous and skeptical when they hear me say things like "Identity Surrender" and "Transformation..." because they believe it's impossible for themselves.  
"But Patrick... I'm never going to change, at least not in any significant way, that's just not me..." 
For those who are thinking that, I want to remind you that is precisely the point. You, as you currently believe yourself to be, are the limiting factor.

Have you ever heard yourself say things like... "I'm my own worst enemy, I just need to get out of my own way."??

It's not impossible... it's I'm-Possible!  
By positioning yourself upfront as the kind of person you'll be after you accomplish what you're setting out to, you can remove the friction and resistance to getting there.

You become the Alchemist.

Think of it this way... Is there anything you have accomplished in your life that seemed impossible at the outset? Something you're proud of? How difficult was it to get there? 

Now, how difficult would it be for you to do that again? Much easier right? Why? Because now you see yourself as the kind of person who can accomplish that goal. Before, maybe you didn't see yourself that way or weren't positive you could.

Identity Surrender and Transformational Coaching changes you at the outset and how you feel about yourself, rather than enduring the grind of changing what you do first. 

When you change what you do, you have to do it often enough and long enough to feel like a new person. 

It's a slow process and that's okay if you value hard work, discipline and blind ambition more than you value results and happiness

Consider the potential if you added those values to this new approach and new opportunity. It's not a must for MASSIVE CHANGE, but it sure wouldn't hurt!

You Could Literally Be Just One Coaching Call And Just "ONE BIG DOMINO" Away From Changing HOW YOU SEE AND EXPERIENCE YOURSELF... And just 6 Weeks from COMPLETELY REVOLUTIONIZING WHAT LIFE WILL LOOK LIKE FOR YOU, but... 
Do You Know Where to Start?
Do you Know How to Remain Inspired?? 

Patrick Will Show You Inside The Program... 

 * No two people are alike and every path is unique. The path shown in the above graphic is just a possibility and one that works time and time again with many clients. However, it's possible your path may look different and we may not need to address one or more of the dominos shown during your 7 Coaching sessions. After all... Man or Woman Plan and God Laughs :) The only thing that's important is we find your ONE BIG DOMINO and knock it flat. The others don't stand a chance of blocking your way after that *

Gain the Confidence


No two people are alike. So, what you choose to focus on is entirely up to you! Here are just a few things Patrick can help you with:
  • Transform your origin story, your identity, and with it, any limited idea of who you are & what's possible 
  • Transform how your body looks and feels 
  • Transform how you eat and how you feel about food
  • Transform your mindset and limiting beliefs
  • Transform your emotional well-being
  • Transform your partnerships and your sex life
  • Transform your personal and professional lifestyle


Improve Your Skills

level-up your communication and partnership skillsET  

INSIDE You'll Discover and Strengthen the 8 Pillars for 
Creating Transformational Partnerships. This alone is worth the price of admission for it's ability to ensure personal and professional success (Domino 5)

Once Inside This EXCLUSIVE Program... 

Here Are Some Of The Secrets You'll Discover! 

Inside 7-over-6, I will be sharing with you 21 'Transformation Success' Secrets to help you convert your self-limiting stories and roadblocks into empowering ones and an experience of transcendence.  
Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside this new program: 
  • Secret #1:  How your desires point to what you have been trying to avoid and how they can glue you to what you don't want! 
  • Secret #2:  How your triumphs are holding you back... 
  • Secret #3:  How your obstacles are the key to your success! 
  • Secret #4:  How your CONFUSION is the single most important ingredient for your Transformation. 
  • Secret #5:  How you can benefit enormously by adopting George Costanza's 'Opposite Day' Strategy from Seinfeld... 
  • Secret #6:  How to transform past traumas into your greatest opportunity for feeling Safe and LOVED :) 
  • Secret #7:  How being selfish is the most unselfish thing you can be. How you can do so consciously and benefit everyone you touch in the process... 
  • Secret #8:  How dis.ease, in.jury and i'll.ness can point to a deeper truth and be your Freeway to SUCCESS! 
  • Secret #9:  How you can flip cause and effect upside down to accelerate personal growth
  • Secret #10: What frameworks to use for coaching yourself through any problem
  • Secret #11: Why you must first get healthy in order to permanently transform your body rather than transform your body in order to be healthy. 
  • Secret #12: How to embrace conflict as your greatest source of intimacy and growth... 
  • Secret #13: How to recognize the highest purpose being served in any given situation or moment.?. 
  • Secret #14: How loyalty can poison and suck the life out of a joyful partnership! 
  • Secret #15: How to transform the worst thing that ever happened to you into the best thing that ever happened for you... 
  • Secret #16: Why self-esteem is the last thing we should be trying to cultivate in ourselves and teach our kids.?. 
  • Secret #17: How to make it impossible for anyone you care about to ever leave you.
  • Secret #18: Transforming the weight of responsibility into the freedom of response-ability... 
  • Secret #19: Why, as an adult, it's imperative to embrace being child-like, to put your personal growth on cruise control
  • Secret #20: How being a great parent to your children could be ruining their chances to be happy and successful! 
  • Secret #21: Why you must divorce your spouse at the end of each day, return to innocense and re-commit each morning as a new person. Why it's crucial for a happy, passionate, sexually-satisfying and ever-evolving marriage.
The above secrets were discovered by clients in our private sessions and each epiphany was responsible for creating massive shifts in their lives, if not transforming them all together. They will all be answered inside your private membership site. 

Submit Your Application Now... 

I'd Like To Book You Into The NEXT AVAILABLE Opening, ASAP!

Perfectly Personalized Coaching

your inner wisdom is the  perfect coach  

No coach, trainer, counselor or therapist has the ideal answers for you, only you can discover your true self and your CURRENT genuine identity. You have the answers within you.  Patrick's specialty is helping you draw them out to find  that wisdom, even when they're disguised in your negative self-talk and your disempowering stories
"the one you are looking for, is the one who is looking"
~ Francis of Assisi 

 Transformational Tools of the Trade 

the Program tOOLBOX... 

Zoom coaching sessions
custom exercise plan
personal meal plan
HOMEWORK & activities

Here's Everything You'll Get... 

"How long can you afford to put off 
who you really want to be?"

~ Epictetus 
"Don't be afraid to give up the good
 to go for the great"

~ John D. Rockefeller 
"Try not to resist the changes that come your way. 
Instead let life live through you. And do not worry 
that your life is turning upside down. How do 
you know that the side you are used to is 
better than the one to come?"

~ Rumi
  • "7-OVER-6" - The Program: 7 Private, One-on-One, 60 Minute, Transformative Zoom Coaching Sessions over 6 weeks with Patrick. These sessions are solely intended for what you want to transform most about yourself, your life or your career. Discover and topple the dominos that represent your roadblocks to success, especially that elusive 'Big Domino'       ($2450 Value)…  (We won't spend one minute of this time on any of the following parts of the program (unless you specifically ask to). These sessions are intended for what can't be covered with all the supporting pieces below
  • "Play It Again Sam" Recordings From Each Session: "You can never read the same book, watch the same movie or put your finger in the same river twice." I guarantee you will always pick up something new each time you re-watch 1 of your sessions. It's the gift that keeps on giving... (Priceless Value) 
  • "The Launchpad": Onboarding and Pre-Transformation Training. Crucial for your success and to hit the ground running on your first Zoom session. It starts with the homework you'll receive after submitting your application ($147 Value) 
  • Personally Customized "Primal Exercise" Plan Written by Patrick: A Transformative Exercise Program based on your unique individual needs & goals, your "Vitality Quiz," pre-training and onboarding questionnaires & assessments            ($197 Value) 
  • Personally Customized "Primal Eating" Transformative Meal Plan: Based on your 'Primal Eating Type' Quiz, your goals, your food preferences and your unique metabolic needs ($197 Value)
  • "The Lifeline" Membership Site: You'll have at least 8 weeks of private access to the site with your own portal and password. Inside will be your pre-training exercises, your quizzes, questionnaires and assessments and all of your resources including your meal plan, your exercise plan, complete with workout schedule, workout log, instructional videos for each exercise, downloadable workout summaries and more ($197 Value) 
  • "It's Go Time" App: Complimentary membership site app for your phone and tablet so you can access everything anywhere, while you're on the go           ($37 Value) 
  • "The Pipeline": 6 weeks of direct access to me by text, just in case you get stuck, on something overwhelming between Zoom coaching sessions. No soldier shall be left behind :) (???? Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: 21 of the most powerful Transformation Secrets ever discovered by clients and myself. Would you invest $100 for just 1 secret that could potentially alter the trajectory of your life and catapult you to all-new heights? How about 21 of them? A couple of these literally saved my life! Many help me with my overall health, my business, my partnerships and my most difficult decisions and challenges ($2100 Value)
  • BONUS #2: If you choose to attend my Full-Immersion Transformative 3 - 7 Day Retreat, you'll be entitled to a $2100 discount* as one of my Dream Clients and a member of my Inner Circle  (*Very Limited Openings Available) ($2100 Value)
  • BONUS #3: "Tips, Tricks & Tools" My personal favorites... 'The 8 Pillars for Creating Transformational Partnerships', 'The 7 Lifestyle Pillars For Top-Rung Health', and My Top-Recommended List Of Books and Authors for Health, Happiness, Success and Transformation. ($97 Value) 
  • ​BONUS #4: "Primal Exercise E-Book"...  'Movements That Matter for Getting in Shape & Staying There. A great support resource for your personally customized Exercise Plan  ($37 Value) 
  • BONUS #5: "Primal Eating E-Book"... 'Fool-Proof Methods Anyone Can Use to Pick The Right Diet, Eat Well, Feel Fantastic, Shed Fat & Look Amazing' An intuitive guide and fantastic support resource for your custom meal plan that takes the guess work out of eating ideally and enjoying food again. ($37 Value) 
  • BONUS #6: "A Shout-Out On LinkedIn" As one of my Dream Clients and a member of my Inner Circle, I will provide you with my professional endorsement on LinkedIn praising the AMAZING TRAITS, VALUES AND ABILITIES we discover in you during the program... With This and $4 Bucks You'll Be Able To Get A Starbucks Coffee Wherever you Go! ;)               ($Grande Value) 
  • BONUS #7: "The Personal Training Failure Guide"        '5 Reasons Personal Training Won't Work For You' Could just as easily be titled 'The Personal Development Failure Guide' and is an owner's manual for Successful Growth and Transformation. It's in the editing and formatting stage and you'll receive it free of charge as soon as it's released ($67 Value)


PRICELESS $7,563++ But You Won't Pay Anywhere Near That Price!
… not half
… not even 30%!!(Special Founding Members Offer)

Once They've Been Filled This Will 
NOT Be Offered at this Price Again

...And before you get overwhelmed by how much you'll get inside... Like I mentioned before, you can take what you want... the pieces that serve you, then leave the rest behind. 

I just want to make sure you get access to all of it.

All I ask is that you make the most out of this Transformative 6 Weeks. And yes, you can download all the tools and resources you aren't quite ready for and save them for when you are.

That way you won't have to worry about missing out on anything that will serve you at any time down the road. (no F.O.M.O.)

And in case you're wondering... 

There is NO Catch!

I know there are some websites out there that imply false scarcity or create a sense of 'FOMO' by offering a bunch of extra goodies and bonuses only if you sign up immediately and then take them away if you don't.
This isn't one of them. 
There's NO hidden agenda here - I want to give you everything I can possibly think of to help you have the most Transformative Experience possible. 

Everything included is a powerful resource for change and I wouldn't leave anything out.

If there's still a spot available in my schedule for the coaching sessions and you join the program, everything above will be included. No Take-Aways.

I'm also aware of other programs that sign you up and then stick you into some sort of ongoing program that charges your credit card monthly unless you cancel for ongoing sessions you never asked for.

This isn't one of those either. 

There's NO hidden "continuity program." What you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less (well, maybe more... there may be the odd unannounced free bonus specific to you)  

The program is intended to be "ONE and Done" 

There are also a lot of coaches out there who offer a ton of extras to new clients just to get them in the door. Once onboard, they compel them to provide scripted testimonials with doctored before and after pictures to seduce more people to join their program.

All the while their level of attention, focus, level of instruction and presence goes down. They sell more and more people to less and less depth and take credit for their clients achievements in the process.

Nope, NOT That Either! You will never be asked to provide a testimonial with your name or picture attached, especially not one scripted by me. I only ever include  anonymous client quotes that don't infringe on personal privacy on my website.

When you're excited and proud of YOUR Achievement and Transformation then you can tell all your friends, post it on your own social media or celebrate in whatever way you choose. I have no interest in taking ownership of what rightfully belongs to you.

and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this... 
There are actually a few reasons (and they're all selfish)...
  • I get really excited about clients making big changes and falling in Love with who they ARE! Their excitement is contagious.
  • M.y E.xperience of my own coaches and programs I invested in, completely changed my life... My Clients doing the same reflects that for me everyday!.. Beautiful Mirrors.
  • Sharing the secrets of Identity Surrender and Transformation is a constant reminder and reinforces it for me with every new client I see.
  • Clients reporting back to me about all the things that have changed in their lives, and in the lives of the people they care about, is music to my ears.
  • This program itself is a Transformation for me. I was a coach who "would never" shift from only seeing people in person here at my home... The Holistic Health Playground, I'm letting that go and adding this in.
  • Three of my greatest core values are travel, adventure and meeting people all over the world. Adding this program allows me the freedom to do more of what I Love.
  • I needs to get paid in order to keep doing it ;)

Time Is Of The Essence...  

Here's Why...

There's only so many hours in a day and even less hours in my schedule. Due to the depth and concentration of '7-over-6' and the fact that I still see my Dream Clients from here in my local community, there are only 10 6 Spots available at any given time for the next enrollment. 

When the few spots remaining are gone, it could be weeks before I have the next opening.

Plus, because offering this program online is new for me and you would be one of a few founding members, the investment for the next group of applicants may go up significantly.

This isn't some info-product or online course (although, you'll get what those things would provide included). 

You'll have me coaching you personally and privately, giving you personalized home'work' (play), reviewing your quizzes and assessments, creating your customized exercise and food plans and there's only one of me to go around ;)

If this page is still here, there may be a few spots left open or spots available on the waiting list.

That's the reason for the short application. I review them in the order they come but I'm looking for the ones that feel like the Best Fit for a mutually beneficial and transformative adventure.

I hope that's you and you're my next Dream Client!

OH! And Here's MY 
"Are You Friggin' Nuts" 

I will 100% Guarantee that you will Love this Program or it will Challenge the F@%K out of you to wake up like never before. Either way, if you're not 100% satisfied, I will personally cut a check for a full refund and mail it to you.

You heard that right, if for any reason, at any time during the program, you are not satisfied and it's not for you, just let me know in one of our coaching sessions and your refund will be on it's way. 

You'll get to keep ALL the resources listed above that I have provided to you up to that point including the Zoom Recordings, your Custom Exercise and Meal Plans, the Bonuses... Everything! With my Best Wishes and hope that it still serves you in a Big Way.

Not just a 30 Day Guarantee, but 6 weeks.

All you have to do is show up for the Zoom Meetings with a sincere intention for Profound Growth and follow through on what your Inner Wisdom points you towards (including leaving the program).

You won't find a coach or trainer anywhere that will make that kind of guarantee with their time. Maybe with a product or a course, but not with their personal time invested in Private Coaching.

I'm that confident in your readiness for change even if you don't completely feel you're there yet yourself.

Time is a truly valuable non-renewable resource. For me, the most valuable one. Money, on the other hand, is a relatively easy resource to renew. I'm not a big fan of wasting what I can never get back to save a resource I can always make more of. 

I hope you're not either...

So there ya go, a rock-solid, iron-clad guarantee! Not only can you not lose, but it's not possible for you to walk away without gaining. 

Sound fair?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your SPOT Now Before They're All Gone...  

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to see your application, and you inside 7-over-6 very soon! 

Patrick Cross

P.S. In case you're one of those people like me who just scrolls to the end of the page, here's the deal:

I'm offering you the opportunity to work with me personally in my 
"7-over-6 Identity Surrender Program - The Secret Underground Approach To Total Personal and Professional Transformation: For Converting Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit." It comes with a ton of resources, extras and bonuses as outlined above.

There's no catch... no gimmicks... 

Fair Warning Though: If you're not willing and ready for a Big Change in your Perspective, Your Life and what it Looks Like, Don't Apply.

So, Click the orange button below to apply now. You won't regret it.
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